Flavor Fiesta is a Mexican Dessert Cafe in Windsor, CA

Flavor Fiesta is a diverse dessert and refreshment shop serving the very best Boba, coffee, drinks, and ice cream in Windsor, CA and the surrounding area. You no longer have to make several trips to satisfy the family. We have delicious American, Mexican, Asian, and other Latin American desserts. Our servers can handle all of your cafe needs in one place, ensuring that one visit gets you all the drinks and desserts you desire.

Whether you need milk tea's, donuts, mangonada, or shaved ice, our servers have years of experience and offer quality customer service to ensure a great experience. We also offer raspados, fresh juice, and protein smoothies to further heighten the overall experience of the cafe.

Flavor Fiesta has all the resources and expertise to handle all of your Mexican cafe needs in one place for an affordable price. Furthermore, our servers can handle making quality food and drinks like Boba, coffee, agua frescas, and shaved ice cream. In addition, our professional staff and quality food and drinks ensure that the customer is both satisfied and happy with the experience we provide. Feel free to contact Flavor Fiesta today and we'll give you a comprehensive description of all of the services we offer as a premium Mexican cafe.

What Makes Us Proud
  • Family Owned and Operated
  • Professional Staff
  • Quality Service
Locations Served
  • Windsor, CA
  • Surrounding Areas